5 reasons you should use video in your marketing

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Video isn’t just for entertainment anymore. It’s quickly becoming the preferred medium for marketing teams to communicate with prospects and customers online.
Millions of videos are added to the internet each day and they are making a huge impact on how people market their businesses online. Discover why video is so
important and why you should consider adding it to your marketing strategy.
Number 1

Videos are fun and informational

Creating videos can help keep people engaging with your brand, especially if you add in a little humor. With video, you can show off the top features of your product while also sharing your brand personality. It’s always best to give people the information they need as quickly as you can, while also keeping it interesting. Video is the perfect way to do that.

Number 2

They keep your audience interested

Instead of writing pages of text, videos give you the power to visually show off your product or service and explain subjects in half the time. This is your opportunity to make something captivating for your audience, so they stick around and learn about your company. The more engaging your video, the more opportunity you have to pull them into your marketing environment and hopefully encourage them to make a purchase in the future.

Number 3

It’s easy to persuade people with video

It is one thing to write down the reasons why someone should buy your product. But, it is quite another to actually see your product in action. Using video is your opportunity to truly show off everything your product can do. Do your best to explain why people should care about what you’re selling and how it’s going to make their lives easier.

Number 4

They give you the power to reach anyone

Thanks to computers and mobile devices, the power of Google, and the invention of YouTube, people expect to be able to access any content, anywhere, and on any device. So, make sure your video is available to them no matter where they are. Create a company YouTube channel and post quick informational videos. Add videos to your website. Create video ads. Having videos on multiple platforms will help ensure that you can reach people anywhere.

Numnber 5

Decision makers don’t have time to read lengthy text

It’s a bit harsh, but true. The decision makers in most companies do not have time to sift through hundreds of pages on a website, or read a long white paper.  They want the important information put in front of them in under two minutes. Video can get your point across quickly and engage potential customers who otherwise wouldn’t have taken the time to call or schedule an appointment.

If you’re a little wary about creating a video for your company, we’re here to help! Creating a video is only the first step, the next is to deliver your message to the right audience at the right time.



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