The consumer path of engagement is shifting. In today’s multi-screen world, a consumer may start the purchase process with research on a mobile phone, look up reviews on a tablet, digest information through a television commercial, compare prices on a desktop, make a purchase in-store, and then provide feedback via their social network.

We understand this process and see it as an opportunity to engage with consumers across all digital touch-points. That’s why we offer a full-service integrated approach to digital marketing, providing our clients with the opportunity to interact and engage consumers across multiple touch-points on the path to conversion.


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Pavol Bobek

Hi, my name is Pavol Bobek (pronounced Palo), co-owner at EagleCreativeMedia.com. I started my career in Bratislava and Slovakia by helping my friends create a website for the online presence of their business.

This naturally turned into my passion and love for creative media productions.I eventually got bitten by the travel bug and ventured the world to end up in San Diego, CA to create EagleCreativeMedia.com with Jeff Shelton. Growing up in a naturally beautiful country and traveling the world has taught me how to convey the best of what I am filming, photographing, or representing.

I enjoy that each project I undertake is similar to traveling because it allows me to discover and accentuate the great aspects of wherever I am and whatever I am doing.

To me, everything is a story that can be beautifully told and I tell them through my creative media.


Jeff Shelton

Hi, I am Jeff Shelton, owner and CEO of WholesaleWarranties.com. I grew up in a St. Paul, MN suburb along the beautiful St. Croix River where my family owned and operated several small marinas in which I helped promote.

Since my family was unfamiliar with how to build and use an online website, they allowed me to build our online presence for them.This allowed me to work on building a website to promote, inform and introduce our company to those who may not have ever heard of our company before. From that experience I decided to go into business for myself to promote and build my online warranty company.

The knowledge that I have accumulated from my real world experiences is something that I feel will separate our services from most any other company to give true real world value.